Customized Generic Packaging

Our customized generic packaging service allows you to have your generic packaging customized to your specific set of requirements.

Types of bags for customization:

    • stand up pouch with or without zip lock
    • flat pouch 
    • liquid pouch
    • gusset bag
    • vacuum bag 

    Types of customization covered with this service are the following:

      • with or without a tear notch
      • with hole holder on top of pouch or bag
      • with or without zip lock 
      • thickness of film composition 
      • with or without liquid spout 


      For example, you want your vacuum bag to have a size specific to the size of food that you will put inside, we can customize it for you. Or if you need your stand up pouch to have a different color*, we got you covered as well.

      *Note that for customized generic packaging, this only applies to 1 full color print. 


      Details on Customized Generic Packaging

        • Minimum order quantity starts at 3000 pieces. For very small sizes of bags, minimum order quantity will have to increase depending on specifications.   
        • Lead time is around 20 to 26 working days (3 to 4 weeks)  upon receipt of 50% down payment


      Give us a call or message us for further details or get a quote for free.