Frequently Asked Questions

    Are you a local manufacturer?

    Yes, we are. 90% of our pouches are manufactured locally by our mother company. Our mother company has been around for more than 15 years and has been supplying bulk packaging materials to large food corporations in the Philippines. 
    Our factory is HACCP certified meaning our processes meet the safety standards for producing packaging materials used for food storage. 
    We created Packaging Depot Manila to cater to small and medium businesses to support their growth and help them succeed. 

    What is your minimum order quantity?

    For generic packaging that is already part of our product list, the minimum order is just 100 pieces.
    For generic packaging that you want to customize like a custom size, the minimum order quantity starts at 3,000 pieces but will also depend on the specifications of your customization. 
    For digital printing, the minimum order quantity is just 300 pieces but it is important that we have the generic pouch/bag IN STOCK. Digital printing will print on the existing generic pouch/bag. If we do not have the bag in stock, we cannot provide you with this service.
    For rotogravure printing, the minimum order quantity is 5,000 pieces.

    How do we pay for our order?

    Payment is through bank deposit or online bank transfer. Then, kindly send proof of payment to us through our email or through our sales agents managing your account. 

    Do you accept cash on delivery?

    We do not accept cash on delivery because we have encountered incidents before of orders being processed but customers will suddenly cancel their orders or will no longer be respond to our communication.
    We are not saying that you will be like the other clients before but this was the policy established to avoid wasting of time, effort and resources to everyone.

    Do you offer discounts?

    Yes, we do! We usually provide discounts for orders above 10,000 pieces.
    We also provide discounts to repeat clients but are subject for management approval. 
    If you will be buying in bulk, please get in touch with us through our contact details found under Contact Us.

    Do you have food grade certifications?

    Yes, we have them. Being a local manufacturer allows us to certify that our products are food grade and have passed certain quality inspection standards.

    For out of stock items, how long will it be available?

    For out of stock items, it will depend what type of items you will need. Given we are producing a large number of items, there could be a long list of products that are in line for production. Kindly get in touch with us to get more details.  Contact Us.

    For customized packaging, how long is the process?

    For generic packaging that will be customized, lead time is around 20 to 26 working days (3 to 4 weeks)  upon receipt of 50% down payment.
    For digital printing, lead time is around 14 to 18 working days (2 to 3 weeks) upon receipt of 50% down payment. 
    For rotogravure printing, lead time is around 36 to 48 working days (1 to 1.5 months) upon approval of digital artwork and 50% down payment. 
    To know more, kindly get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you. Contact Us. 

    Can we pick up our orders instead of having it shipped?

    Yes, you can pick it up. There are three locations where you can have it picked up. One is in our sales office, our warehouse, or in our factory. Our sales agents managing your account will inform you once it is ready for pick up. 

    Do you provide free shipping?

    Yes, we do for bulk purchases and depending on location. Our sales agents can work closely with you regarding this.

    How long before we receive our order?

    We usually send out your orders for shipping 1 day after we receive your payment so it will depend on the third party delivery service how fast they can ship it to you. 

    An example would be for Lalamove/Grab service, if we receive your payment yesterday, we can usually ship it out today. Our sales agents will always update you regarding the status of your orders. 

    Please also see our Shipping & Delivery Policy. 

    Can we buy directly in your office?

    Unfortunately, no. Our sales office is just a showroom of our products and we do not have stocks readily available. 

    Our stocks will be coming from our warehouse. 

    If you drop by our warehouse, you might have to wait as well because we strictly follow a first in first out policy in our order process to be fair to all our clients. 

    Do you entertain rush orders?

    We strictly follow a first in first out policy in our order process to be fair to all our clients whether they be big or small. If we do not have a long line in our warehouse packaging section, usually we can include your order in the same day you paid for it.

    Please check with our sales agents managing your account to check its status.