Terms & Conditions

You can check the status of your order once payment has been made by messaging us or by calling the following numbers:

Phone:    7799 5315

Mobile:   +63 906 573 0354
                 +63 917 817 1831
                 +63 923 806 4016


We provide replacements to any possible defects or issues found in your order. However, we do not provide refunds for issues or mistakes made by you such as incorrect information made during the order process. 

For more information regarding returns or replacements, kindly see our Return/Replacement Policy


All prices quoted have a validity period of 30 days from the date specified in the quotation form. Pricing may be revised without prior notice.

Prices quoted do not yet include the cost of shipping.

Quantity Delivered

For customized orders, actual quantity to be delivered may vary from quantity ordered. Please provide allowance of 10% to 20% variation as the production process does not always ensure an exact quantity in producing the bags. 

Quality Delivered

We strive for the highest quality possible in terms of producing the order that you need. We have very strict quality controls and processes in place in our factory; however, there will always be instances of the following conditions:

  • some defective items passing through our checks
  • bundles having incomplete 100 piece packs

Please get in touch with us if you encounter any issues and we will work closely with you to ensure that any issues with your order are addressed to your satisfaction.


Payment can be made through bank deposit or online transfer. Proof of payment must be provided to us before your order can be processed. 

Cash/Payment upon Delivery option will not be entertained as we have encountered incidents before of orders being processed but customers will suddenly cancel their orders or can no longer be reached.

Shipping & Delivery 

We complete the processing of your orders within 1 to 2 days upon payment receipt and after this, we ship this out to third party delivery providers or advise you of availability for pick up if you prefer this option. 

Delays caused by third party delivery providers are no longer within our control but we will strive to assist you to ensure timely delivery.

For more information regarding shipping & delivery, kindly see our Shipping & Delivery Policy.