Return/Replacement Policy

Please contact us immediately if you encounter any issues/problems with your order. We will work closely with you to ensure that any issues with your order are addressed to your satisfaction. 


Phone:    7799 5315

Mobile:   +63 966 900 7103
                 +63 917 817 1831
                 +63 923 806 4016

We always encourage you to double check your orders before making your payment. 
No refund for incorrect orders placed by you.

Items are packed in bundles of 100 pieces.

For Returns / Replacements

We can only replace the items in your order under the following conditions:

  • If there are defective items found in a bundle, we will replace the defective items found in the bundle. Kindly count and separate them from the good quality items.
If the number of defective items is less than 10% of the total number of items in your order, we will send the replacements on your next order.   
  • If you placed an incorrect order, we can no longer replace them as they are considered sold. It is the customer's responsibility to double check the items that are being ordered before payment.
  • If the items delivered to you are the incorrect variants/SKUs vs the order you placed, an accidental mistake on our end, we will replace the items at no cost to you. 

Claims of more than 1 month after the product has been delivered will not be accepted.