Digital Printing

Our digital printing technology allows you to have sample prototypes of your packaging design at low quantities. 

Our digital printing technology prints directly on existing generic bags. It is therefore important that the pouch/bag that you need to be printed with your design is IN STOCK. 

There might be slight variations in the color printout as printing is only up to 5 colors but we can provide a sample for a small fee of Php 100.00 which can be deducted on your total billing if you proceed with your order.

The printable area will not be able to provide a full print of the pouch/bag. This means there will be a border gap on the sides as our machine will need a small area to attach the pouch/bag in place.

Given that the printing will be done on the surface of the pouch, if the pouches are scratched using more than the normal force there's a possibility that the ink will peel/wear off. 


Details on digital printing 

    • Minimum order quantity of 300 pieces
    • Capable of 5 colors 
    • Lead time is around 14 to 18 working days (2 to 3 weeks) upon receipt of 50% down payment


It's time to start printing your designs given the low order quantity!

Give us a call or message us for further details or get a quote for free.