Rotogravure Printing

Rotogravure (roto) printing is the most popular choice for flexible packaging. It produces the highest quality printed packaging material and is suitable for high volume quantities.This involves engraving your artwork into steel cylinders depending on the number of colors of your design.

This type of printing will assess how many colors there are in your design/artwork and from there will form the basis of how many steel cylinders need to be engraved to print out your artwork.

This type of printing produces the richest colors and is the cheapest option for a high volume high quality printed packaging. 

Roto printing is the next level of printing after you have sampled your design using our digital printing process.


Details on Rotogravure printing

    • Minimum order quantity of 5,000 pieces
    • Capable of 10 colors  
    • Lead time is around 36 to 48 working days (1 to 1.5 months) upon approval of digital artwork and 50% down payment


Rotogravure produces very rich colors and are truly for export quality!

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